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Environment : Surely, you are aware of the exciting cultural-educational environment hat events like Kolkata Book Fair and other similar events are known for. They offer the best environment for Book-lovers and we will work to bring similar environment to you in digital format.


This will be done :

a). By providing easy access to all the books across the libraries through a “Library of Libraries” (Union Catalog), from where the user/visitor can search any book across the libraries;


b). By building a platform for Authors (aspiring as well as established) who will get the forum to connect with and meet their readers – An opportunity that is first of its kind;


c). By having Forums for Publishers who can now connect directly with their book-buyers, for the first time ever;


d). Discussion forums based on a Book, Author, Publisher and on any subject of visitor’s choice;


e). Book shops where Publishers as well as book-sellers can sell their books directly to readers;


f). Self Publication, specially for un-published authors who are not entertained by the regular publishing industry.


f). Career Counseling to help students to make better decisions early in life.


h). And everything else that is possible to bring-together through wise use of technology, thus building the largest-permanent-web enabled book-fair of the world for everyone, free of cost.


Profile :

Educated people, like Students, Faculty, Readers, Authors and other stakeholders

All Genders

Young and Old

Anyone who has anything to do with books

Across India and the world (Over 300 Libraries, 5,00,000 Users from 23 countries exists on platform)


This will also be a Platform for Social Networking, having Educated Visitors (All are welcome without any discrimination).


Who can advertise :


Publishers, Authors, Book-sellers, Journals;

Computer and other Hardware manufacturers;

Furniture makes including those who sell to Libraries;

All other products that have young people as their marketing-target, like Food, Cloths & Fashion, Housing, Gadgets,

………………….. and the list continues growing in this segment